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Continuous innovation and design, the pursuit of more comfortable products, is the goal of the ACOSMA design team.




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ACOSMA insists on Future、Trust、Harmony and Quality. For our customers, we do not only offer the production and sale of furniture,also our goal is to do the overal design of your enterprise image.We provide high quality products and always pay attention to the quality control.ISO-9001:2008 certification has been obtained presently, and towards creating a widely-recognized brand image as a future goal.


With the faith of future prospect , Acosma manages and coordinates the trust from all sides.Support pelople and things wellbeing with the faith of peace and cooperation. And because of this ,we are constantly developing high quality products under the faith of seeking perfection.We adhere to the long-term cooperation and create a win-win situation with our customers.


We believe that design creats the value , and user's satisfaction reflects the value.Acosma insists on innovating constantly and pursuing the more comfortable products.

Designer JM believes that the fundamental of being a great designer relies on his attitude  of helping others to achieve success.

As a designer with disability, JM values deeply in making connections between people and things. He believes a good design, mass production or not, could still transform its ideal and make that connection to each and everyone of its users.


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After a long survey of market research, we design several kinds of products according to different spaces and occasions.



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